Waterbird Count, October 12

During the 2nd hour today, a breeding-plumage adult Pacific Loon flew through the Straits headed west. Although it was very distant (over a mile away, I would guess), the beautiful silver nape of this species shines extremely bright in sunlight and was immediately obvious. Steve Baker was with me at the time and was able to see it as well, thankfully. This species is rare but regular in the Great Lakes. Aside from the loon, not much else was of particular note. The weather was wonderful until the last 2 hours when the wind picked up and it started to rain.

Canada Goose – 9
Mute Swan – 3
American Wigeon – 1
teal sp. – 2
dabbling duck sp. – 5
Redhead – 126
Greater/Lesser Scaup – 29
Aythya sp. – 10
Surf Scoter – 1
White-winged Scoter – 40
Surf/Black Scoter – 19
Long-tailed Duck – 17
Common Merganser – 6
duck sp. – 149
Pacific Loon – 1
Common Loon – 28
Horned Grebe – 2
Red-necked Grebe – 10
Double-crested Cormorant – 43

Sharp-shinned Hawk – 26
Sharp-shinned/Cooper’s Hawk – 1
Bald Eagle – 2
Peregrine Falcon – 1

American Crow – 150

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