Waterbirds moving early

On Thursday, Sept. 24,2015 Ed Pike did observations at McGalpin Point.  The waterbirds were moving right after sunrise and slowed down toward the end of the second hour of observations.  All the C. Loons were flying to the east this morning, 10 the first hour, 6 the second hour and 1 the third hour.  The D.C. Cormorants were all heading west with a total of 57.   Redheads a flock of 45.  Aythya sp. total 126.  C. Merganser a flock of 38 headed west with 10 others seen.  Canada Geese were moving south this morning with six different flocks seen, one totaled 60; total for morning 149.  A few Red-necked Grebes flying around total 9.  Duck sp. 47.  White-winged Scoter a flock of 12.  Also observed 2 Great-blue Herons flying along the shoreline and a Spotted Sandpiper flying along the shoreline.  One Sharp-shinned Hawk came across.  Two Bald Eagles, one flying north and one flying south across the Straits.  Am. Pipits, a flock of 8 and a flock of 6.

The Common Loons flying by were high and distant for the first 2 hrs and the few later loons were flying closer to the south shore and only 10 to 50 feet above the water.

Next observations will be Sunday morning.

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