Shortly after I first started the count I noticed a banded Canada Goose that was hanging around Grahm Point in St. Ignace. It would frequently walk ashore and go into the neighbor’s yard to nibble on some fallen apples. After several of these brief sightings, I was able to make out a partial band code 1208-0019#. Hoping that at least a partial band code could reveal some information I emailed the Bird Banding Labratory and to my surprise heard back. This bird was banded in Oklahoma in 2018! It’s interesting that this goose was banded in Oklahoma and reseen here in St.Ignace Michigan in the late summer. This is because this goose was likely banded shortly after it fledged in the summer when they’re easiest to catch. Canada Geese in Oklahoma are residents meaning that they don’t migrate and stay in a local area for most of their lives usually in developed areas. However, the one that I saw in St. Ignace may have been different, a true adventurer traveling far away from home and their flock for a life up north. Unfortunately, I have not seen the goose since late September so it is unlikely that I’ll be able to get a full band number and officially report it, the mysterious goose remains.

If you find a banded bird and get its code please report it to the Bird Banding Laboratory: https://www.usgs.gov/labs/birdb-lab

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