Mute Swans

Mute Swans have increased in the past week or so in the Straits. On the 19th I had a flock of 9 go by McGulpin

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Over the 20 years I have been banding saw whet owls there has been an ongoing discussion as to whether moon shine hinders or helps

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Shortly after I first started the count I noticed a banded Canada Goose that was hanging around Grahm Point in St. Ignace. It would frequently

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Rain rain go away

I think I have discovered a new ecotome: the boreal rain forest. After what seemed like endless days of rain or threats of rain we

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Common Loons

Common Loon movements have intensified in recent days. Yesterday had the count’s daily high of 140 from McGulpin Point with a steady stream throughout the

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Recent Movements

The past several days have been foggy and the winds have usually not been in the birds favor, yet some have been able to power

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(K)night’s Tale

Last night we captured a HY male saw whet with a small stick protruding from its breast. Rather like a medieval Knight who lost a

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First Long Eared Owl

On Thursday night we captured our first Long Eared Owl of the season. It was actually our first bird of the night and thankfully our

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Avian Botulism

A few weeks after the count at McGulpin Point I walked the beach of Trails End Bay and found a dead Double-crested Cormorant washed up

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RTHA Movement Update!

After deploying all of our Michigan units this past April we have been patiently waiting for our birds to check back in and provide us

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Soggy weekend

11 owls on Friday night made for a good night if a bit slow. Would gladly have taken that result for Saturday. We were only

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Week of Sept. 27th

After the excitement of the Frigatebird and Whimbrel on Monday the 27th the rest of the week was quite slow migration-wise. There was very low

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