A for effort

Drizzle, drizzle, and more drizzle. It was one of those nights that I wished it would do one or the other-rain or clear up already. At about 2300 hours, things looked promising and I began opening up the nets at the NSWO location. As soon as the nets were unraveled and opened, it started to drizzle again. So, I promptly closed the nets and went in for shelter. At 0200 hours, things started to dry out and I was able to open the nets and run the audio lures for two hours before the drizzle started again. No owls were caught during that time.

Northwest winds at 5-10 mph are predicted for tonight, so we should see more action than last night. On a side note, I’ve seen several Rusty Blackbirds on the point over the last couple of days as well as a few White-crowned Sparrows and my first of the fall Dark-eyed Juncos.

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