Early Egrets

The highlight of my count at McGulpin a few days ago was a migrating group of Great Egret, an uncommon breeding species in northern Michigan.

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Sharp-shinned Hawk Alert!

A quick update for all of you who have been patiently waiting to hear where our foreign Sharp-shinned hawks (SSHA) were originally banded. First off,

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It’s Raining Raptors

Its’s great to be back again and running MSRW’s raptor banding station for the second season in a row! After having a very successful inaugural

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Local Owl Breeding!

Saturday night we had a special Northern Saw-whet Owl fall into our nets at MSRW’s owl-banding station at Historic Miller Creek Park near Cheboygan. Most

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Grebes in the fog

Waterbird activity has certainly started to pick up during the last few days, although fog has greatly reduced visibility at times. This morning I was greeted

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Island Count- Wind

Part of what I’m attempting to find out is what do the raptors do when the wind is from a particular direction. Do they fly

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Fallout of Owls

Even though the week is only half over, we have already had two instances of weather-related fallouts of owls at MSRW’s owl-banding station at Historic

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Island Count- A Shrike!

While obviously the priority for all hawk watches is to identify and count all the raptors that fly by, there are so many other awesome

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Straits are ice-free

Now that the Mackinac straits are all clear, I will be counting at alternating sites. On odd dates (5th, 7th, etc.) I’ll be at McGulpin

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