Fall Waterbird Count: Week 3

The week started slowly as a result of a string of warm, south winds. By Thursday, the action had changed dramatically as the wind switched from the North. 

Soon after sunrise on 09/07/2023, flocks of Canada Geese filled the skies, leading to an impressive single day total of 4,892. This day offered a close flyby of two Whimbrel, each giving their loud whistling flight call. 

A triple-digit count of Red-necked Grebes (147) occurred from McGulpin Point on 09/08/2023. This flight included the first Horned Grebes for the fall season. A group of four American White Pelicans were hard to miss as they circled directly over the count site!

Large flocks of Bonapartes Gulls are on the move. A season high of 96 was recorded from Graham Point on 09/09/2023.

The count this week tallied over 200 migrating Common Loons! Three Red-throated Loons were also observed, but this species will become much more frequent in October. 

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