Hawk Count-October 29th Through November 3rd

10-29: Total-42; Turkey Vulture-2, Red-shouldered-8, Red-tailed-30, Rough-legged-2

10-30: Total-71; Bald Eagle-1, Red-shouldered-10, Red-tailed-56, Rough-legged-3, Golden Eagle-1

10-31: Total-7; Red-tailed-7

11-1: Total-235; Turkey Vulture-3, Bald Eagle-11, Harrier-1, Sharpie-3, Red-shouldered-4, Red-tailed-204, Rough-legged-8, Golden Eagle-1

11-2: Total-139; Bald Eagle-4, Sharpie-4, Red-shouldered-9, Red-tailed-112, Rough-legged-3, Golden Eagle-7

11-3: Total-101; Bald Eagle-4, Sharpie-1, Red-shouldered-24, Red-tailed-66, Rough-legged-3, Golden Eagle-2, Merlin-1

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