Hawk Count-September 15th-17th

Raptors:  Raptors have continued to be steady these past 3 days.  Hardly any wind on the 15th and 16th resulted in nearly every raptor being high, while the moderate SW winds today resulted in nearly every raptor low.

The 15th had another nice day of diversity, with 10 raptor species recorded.  The bulk of these were Sharp-shinned Hawks (80) and Broad-winged Hawks (56).  All 3 falcon species were recorded, as well as 2 Osprey and a Northern Harrier.  Forty-five of the 56 Broad-wingeds crossed, as well as 8 of the 10 Turkey Vultures.

The 16th was similar to the 15th, although the Bald Eagle count was higher with 24 on the former and on the latter date.  Twenty Broad-wingeds crossed, as well as 16 of the 22 Turkey Vultures.

Today was mostly Sharpies attempting to cross (perhaps 2/3 unsuccessfully) before eventually heading east.  A brief pulse between 2:00 and 2:15 of 8 American Kestrels was just a tease before they quickly tapered off.

Non-raptors:  Highlights the past few days have included Green-winged Teal, Solitary Sandpiper, at least 14 warbler speciesPectoral Sandpiper, Greater Yellowlegs, Common Nighthawk, American Golden-Plover, American Wigeon, Redhead, Rock Pigeon, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, a probable Yellow-throated Vireo, and an increase in Blue Jays.

A pair of Parulas
Common Nighthawk

Best of the next 5 days:  While the next 5 days should be a nice stretch of raptor migration, it’s not as good or straightforward as it was just a few days ago.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, should be a great day, and the day most likely to be the best of the next 5, with hundreds of raptors likely moving throughWednesday and Friday are too tough to tell what will happen right now, but a couple hundred raptors should move through on each day, particularly on Wednesday.  Thursday looks like rain all day and Saturday should see a result similar to the last 3 days, or slightly better.

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