Another saw whet season begins

Greetings all!

My name is Maycee and I’ll be the owl bander on Point la Barbe for MSRW this fall. It’s been a long haul from my natal homeland of northern California to get here, and boy am I so, so excited to experience all the new sights and critters of the upper peninsula!

The weather at the station will be rather wet and cruddy till Friday night, but then Ed and I can start to run the nets in earnest and hopefully catch some early migrating saw whet owls. And hoo knows, perhaps we’ll nab a long-eared owl or barred owl passing through.

Since arriving on the 18th, I’ve been having much fun poking around the blooming plants. The goldenrod, in particular, is teaming with a menagerie of pollinators. I’ve already tallied 15 unfamiliar species of moths, flies, wasps, and bees.  I’m looking forward to identifying the insects and spiders!

Until next time! Take care.

This one was very busy, shoving her way past flies and bees to get at the best nectaries.



Her orange fluff is a handsome touch.
Vespid wasps are generally docile when going about their business outside of the nest. She toddled onto my hand before taking off.

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