My new pet Porky

I have come across a porcupine so many times while checking the nets at the TC site that I have taken to calling it Porky. Porky does not seem to reciprocate my interest. Wouldn’t exactly call it running away but Porky ambles away from me whenever we meet.

Generally speaking I don’t use my headlamp while walking across the grass lawn on the way to TC to save battery life. No matter how dark. Even with no moon on overcast nights there is usually enough light to see while crossing this open expanse of lawn. The other night I didn’t notice until I was just a few feet away that Porky was just a step in front of me. Thankfully I finally spotted the dark lump and turned my light on. Porky was looking at me rather skeptically and shortly ran in a big loop until almost running into me. Rerouting around me Porky finally made their escape.

On these slow nights, encounters like this help get us through the duldrums.

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