Night of 15-October

Well, the rain showers missed us last night, but the winds were strong out of the northwest for much of the night. I didn’t expect much to be moving with 12 mph winds and was, again, surprised with how the evening went. Twelve NSWO were captured; nine were new captures and three were repeats we had banded earlier in the month (two hatch year birds banded on the 7th and one after second year banded on the night of the 13th). The repeats will not be added again into our total count, but I find it interesting to note that these birds were still hanging out on the point. One of the saw-whets originally banded on the 7th had gained 3 grams and the other had lost 2 grams. Are they sticking around to fatten up before crossing the Straits? Who knows.

Total NSWO count: 157

As for tonight, things are extremely slow. With this clear night and north wind, I figured the owls would be moving, but alas.

I do know of at least one saw-whet hanging around though. In fact, while I type this the little guy or gal is screeching away from the cedars near the audio lure. Tease.

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