Owl Banding 10/4/16

Point LaBarbe, St. Ignace, MI
Night of October 4th, 2016

Strong Southeast winds kept migration numbers down again for the night, and we had a total of 12 birds netted. Luckily we did catch a number of birds for the students visiting from Sault College. Of the 12 birds caught, 9 were female and the other 3 were unknown. 4 of the females were hatch year birds, 4 were aged as after second year birds, and the last bird was aged as a second year. Of the 3 birds whose sex was indeterminable, 2 were hatch years and the last was aged as an after second year bird. Thunder, lightening, and rain will impede our banding effort for the next few days, hopefully this weekend we can open nets!

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