Another damp one

Ed and I were sitting at the table last night when we heard a rumble from the west. We both passed it off as a vehicle zipping down the dirt road, but when we heard it again we realized it was thunder and decided to step outside to scope it out.

It wasn’t long before we felt a couple of rain drops as well as the wind pick up, so we scurried to get the nets wrapped up before the rain came. We barely had enough time to push the nets together before sheets of rain began falling from the sky, but we continued wrapping until the job was done as we weren’t too concerned with melting out there.

We ended up banding five more saw-whets last night before closing everything down at 2200 hrs. As for tonight, it looks like it’s going to be too windy/rainy to do anything, but the forecast for the rest of the week looks great.

Hope to see you there!


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