Owl Banding, March 25/26

It was exciting to get back to banding last night!  It was a clear night with very little wind and temperatures in the low 30’s and upper 20’s.  Our hike to check nets proved to be a little more difficult with all of the snow on the ground, but we were just happy to be in operation.

We captured four saw-whets over the course of the night, including one that was already banded.  It’s band number was similar to our first foreign recapture from Whitefish Point, but we still need to determine exactly where it was banded.  All of the birds were female. Two were second year birds and two were third year birds.

It looks like we will be able to get another full night in tonight.  The forecast shows cloudy skies, temperatures in the 30’s and winds out of the southeast.  Hopefully, owls have had the chance to get fueld up after the big storm and are ready to migrate!

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