Owl Banding: Slow Motion Release


As we promised, here is a couple of slow motion release videos of a Barred Owl and a Long-eared Owl.

The first slo-mo video that we recorded was with our second Long-eared Owl capture. This LEOW was an SY female captured on April 5th. Banding, extracting, and processing is amazing, but releasing an owl back into the wild is definitely one of my favorite aspects of the operation. Watching these owls fly and vanish into the forest makes me want to learn more about their elusive lifestyle.

The second slo-mo video that we recorded was with a Barred Owl. This was the night that we had a big night with BDOWs and was one of the last captures. We were stationed at a different cabin that has a slightly alternative view. We were right on the shore of Lake Huron and recorded the BDOW flying back into the forest with the moon just peaking above the treeline.

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