Owl Banding Update October 10th

Hello all… a quick recap on what has been going on at the station the last few days. After being rained out and closing early on the 6th, the forecast predicted more rain to follow on the 7th. The weather held true and thus we were not able to open all night. On Ocotber 8th the forecast looked like we would have some clear and cool weather which is conducive for owl movement, and we managed to catch 19 owls. The nice weather continued for another night on October 9th which led to us capturing another 14 owls, two of which were foreign recaps. Our season total now stands at 148 Saw-whets.

Some more exciting news we have received the information on one of the 3 recaps mentioned in an earlier post. One of these mystery birds was banded near Duluth Minnesota on October 2016 as a Hatch year (HY) Female. We aged it as a second year (SY) female so it is nice to know we are ageing our recaptures correctly!! Below I have included a chart showing the known recaps from this season to help all you fine folks keep up to date on where some of these birds came from! Tonight looks like it will once again yield many owls with cool temperatures and no wind predicted, we are still anticipating our first Long-eared… we wait with great patience, stay tuned.


RECAPTURED Saw-whets fall 2017


Original Capture Area/Date Age/Sex given intially When we captured Our Age/Sex given
Oct 27, 2016 – Brown County, Wisconsin Hatch year (HY)/ Sex unknown Sept 25, 2017 – Point Labarbe Second year (SY)/ Female
Oct 17, 2016 – Point Labarbe, Michigan Hatch year (HY)/ Female Sept 30, 2017 – Point Labarbe Second Year (SY)/ Female
Sept 17, 2015 – near Duluth Minnesota Hatch Year (HY)/ Female Oct 4, 2017 – Point Labarbe After Second Year (ASY)/ Female


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