Owl update: rain rain go away…

As October slowly winds down, we have noticed that our nightly average of Saw-whet captures has decreased. This makes sense as the peak movement for Saw-whet migration usually occurs mid-October. That being said, morale is still high here at the station and we are hoping that before the season is up that we can break 300 owls.

On the 21st we were expecting a big night after catching three owls by 8:30, however things slowed down and by the end of the night we only had 8 newly banded birds. The 22nd brought constant rain throughout the day and night and therefore were not able to open. Today also looks like rain may persist throughout the night but we will just have to wait and see. Season totals are as follows:

NSWO: 247



Total: 249 owls

One of our most recent Saw-whets.


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