Retraps, recaptures, and aurora borealis

The night was off to a slow start due to the 10 mph SW winds. Shortly after 0130 hours, the winds were out of the west and the owls started to move. Eight NSWO were captured last night with the first capture being at 0230 hours. Of the eight captured, three were already wearing bands (two foreign retraps and one recapture); one was banded on 10-18-14 at Woodland Dunes Nature Center in Manitowoc, WI, there was no info at this time for the second retrap, and the third was a recapture I banded here on Pointe La Barbe last fall on 10-11-14. That makes two recaptures from last season so far this fall.

Total NSWO captures: 75

On a side note, I saw a beautiful display of the northern lights at around 0530 hours while walking back from checking the nets. Despite the slow start, it was a great night.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s update, rain is predicted for Thursday, so with that in mind-as well as the clear, calm night predicted for this evening-I think we’ll see some good numbers.

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