Spring Owl Banding: Weeks 7-8 and Season Summary

Another spring has come and went, and the owl nets are taken down once more. Predictably captures at the end of the season were low, with multiple nights of zero owls banded.

The season ended on a high note, with our 100th NSWO banded! Add the three BDOW and we ended with a total of 103 owls. Like 2021 and different than 2022, the NSWO captures this season included more younger owls than adults, which has been noted previously as perhaps being due to differing breeding success in the preceding year.

Recaptures have been incredible this season! We totaled 11 with recoveries from fall our banding at Point La Barbe as well as other sites around the Midwest that help to better understand NSWO migration.

It has been a good season! A big thank you to the staff at Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park for the hospitality, to MSRW for giving me the opportunity, and to everyone who supports MSRW!

-Danny Erickson, Spring 2023 MSRW Owl Bander

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