Unexpected early morning rain

I just walked in out of the rain after wrapping up the nets, which means my night/morning of banding is complete.

It was a calm and cloudy evening across the Straits and a few saw-whets stopped by on their journey south. The first capture came in at 2200 hours followed by a second at 2300 hours and one about every hour after that. Not a very busy night, but a total of six new saw-whets were caught and banded before the rain came in from out of nowhere. The official count is 52 NSWO.

Saturday night  (10-3-15) was a long night with the stiff east wind not letting up until about 0500 hours. We saw no evidence of owls moving across the Straits, i. e. no saw-whets were captured, with the gusting east winds and storm moving up from the south.

If the weather forecast remains the same for the next couple of days, we should have some good nights.

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