A good movement on Sept. 12, 2015

Today from 7:10 till 10:45 am Ed Pike, Steve Baker and Rick Brigham were making observations.  There was a good flight of birds till around 9 and it really slowed down; with very few moving during the last hour.  All the C. Loons were flying toward the east, total 15.  The D. C. Cormorants were again moving west 130 total.  Red-necked Grebes were moving around and some migrating to the west.  There were 57 flying to the southwest leaving the area. and 135 moving around in the Straits.  C. Merganser were 25 moving around the Straits.   A total of 13 White-winged Scoters were moving through the Straits.  Two flocks of Canada Geese were seen flying to the south total 17.  Two Horned Grebes were seen flying around and landing in the Straits.  Two Greater Scaup were seen flying and landing in the Straits.  One Sanderling was seen flying along the shore.  One adult Bald Eagle was flying back and forth along the shoreline.  One Monarch Butterfly was seen flying south coming ashore during the last hour.

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