Sept. 13, 2015 fewer waterbirds moving

On Sunday the weather looked good with light winds out of the north and good visibility; however the birds didn’t seem to be migrating; Ed Pike made observations from 7:14 till 10:14 am.  The first hour was the most active but the Red-necked Grebe’s were not seen like on Sat.  The species seen were: C. Loon with a total of 5 east bound and 3 west bound, with one landing.  D.C. Cormorants seemed to be migrating south with most of them heading west especially in the second hour; total of 84 west bound and 6 east bound.  Only a few Red-necked Grebes were seen with 5 the first hour and a group of 20 the 3 rd hour.   Ten Redheads were seen the first hour moving around in the Straits area.  One group of 3 and one of 8 Canada Geese were seen headed south.  There are still some Common Mergansers moving around the area total 10.  Unknown ducks flying too far out to identify totaled 29.  Flying along the shoreline were 2 adult Bald Eagles and one Spotted Sandpiper.  A flock of 5 Sandhill Cranes were seen although they went north across the Straits (apparently confused).

Migration will probably slow down with the warm weather and south winds for the next few days.

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