Slow Day

The waterbird count went rather slowly today.  The most waterbirds I saw all day were the 11 Canada Geese and 9 Common Mergansers floating in the water just off shore when I arrived.  The  day was hazy with never more than a light breeze, but there were very few birds other than a hundred or so Double-crested Cormorants and numerous Gulls in the air.  The highlights were a Great Egret that flew from east to west during the fourth hour as well as a Green-winged Teal that landed in the water directly in front of the count site.  Four Wood Ducks also flew by at close range that may or may not have been migrants.

Thank you to Ed Pike and Tracy Datlen for joining me at the point.

Species Moving East Moving West
Common Loon 2 3
Red-necked Grebe 0 2
Horned Grebe 0 4
Great Egret 0 1

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