Week 5 of Spring 2022 Owl Banding

Owl migration appears to have slowed during the 5th week of owl banding. I banded six Northern Saw-whet Owls (NSWO), recaptured one NSWO, and banded one Barred Owl (BDOW).

The recapture NSWO was originally banded at Whitefish Point Bird Observatory last fall (2021) as a hatch year (HY) and was recaptured as a second year (SY) bird on this past week. 

This BDOW came in to the NSWO audio lure, likely hoping to snack on a saw-whet making the call! Fortunately, it did not find any actual saw-whets and I was able to band it!
Banding the BDOW. Large owls take “lock on” bands to keep them from prying the bands off. In this photo, I am folding down the locking tab portion of the band. (Photo by Oliver Kew)
The BDOW’s wing under a blacklight. The different shades of feathers represent different feather generations and are useful for determining the bird’s age. There are at least two generations in this bird’s wing, meaning it has molted at least once, replacing some of its primary and secondary flight feathers, meaning it hatched in 2020 or before. It was aged as an after second year (ASY) bird. (Photo by Oliver Kew)

Breakdown of each night’s catch for the week:

DateNewly Banded NSWORecaptured NSWONewly Banded BDOW

Note: recaptures originally banded spring 2022 at Mill Creek Historic Park are not included.

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