Week 7 of Spring 2022 Owl Banding

This the week, six Northern Saw-whet Owls (NSWO) were banded and one was recaptured. It was a relatively slow week, marked by the first full nights of banding effort without catching any owls. Still, there was one good night of banding with four captures.

This week’s recaptured owl was banded in summer 2021 as a hatch year at Whitefish Point Bird Observatory and was recaptured this past week as a second year.

I am hoping for a final push of owls as I enter the final week of the spring owl banding season!

-Evan Buck, spring 2022 owl bander

Breakdown of each night’s catch:

DateNewly Banded NSWORecaptured NSWO

Note: recaptures originally banded spring 2022 at Mill Creek Historic Park are not included.

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