Monthly Archives: April 2015

Foggy beginnings, great kids visit

buy Pregabalin 75 mg image image imageApril fools day began with early morning fog all around the Mackinac Straits . The bridge and the birds were totally obscured till the sun burned off the fog and melted the fresh 3 inches of overnight snow.  It was a good day for Red-tails and Turkey Vultures as their numbers seem to be increasing every day. The real highlight of the day was a visit to the hawk watch by a very enthusiastic group of home schoolers. Dave Mayberry did a stellar job of explaining the wonders of raptor migration and basic identification information .  A few Red-tails and Turkey Vultures circled low over head for great views but most birds rode thermals to great heights  before crossing the Straits.  I hope Dave’s efforts spark an interest in hawk migration in a few of  these students.


Golden Eagles, new owl decoy

  • imageThe Golden Eagles continue to roll on through, with a shift toward more obvious immature birds.image imageDave improved our plastic bobble-head owl with the addition of some exotic looking feathers . Dave sacrificed some of his fly tying hackles to create the masterpiece.  Owl decoys are frequently mounted at hawk watch sites to attract the attention of passing Raptors.  Falcons and accipitors will often pause to harrass an exposed owl.  The hawk watch has had a plain plastic owl for a few years but it did not have much action. Other hawk watch sites have had much better results when feathers are used to adorn the decoy.  So we are hoping that Dave’s creativity with feathers and Gorilla Glue will bring in the next Merlin that buzzes by.