Monthly Archives: February 2017

An early Turkey Vulture

On Feb 23 with the storm moving out and another moving in from the south, I thought some raptors might start moving if it cleared in early afternoon. About 12:30 it got brighter and the clouds began to break up a little. Arrived at Mackinaw at 1:30 with a few small patches of blue starting to show. Saw 3 Rough-legged Hawks move through and then some grey moved in from the N.W. with light drizzle and a few snow flakes. That moved out and a Turkey Vulture moved up and cruised back and forth for a while and then probably went back south (smart bird). Steve Baker showed up about 2:45 in time to see the T.V. before it disappeared. I could see brighter skies to the N.W.; by 3:30 blue could be seen on the horizen to the N.W. With no raptors seen for the last 45 minutes I called it a day.

Early migration continues

With continued spring like weather Steve Baker and I checked out Mackinaw City area thinking some raptors might follow the front that went through. After the clouds moved out, fog lifted and the sun started shining to the south I headed for Mackinaw. On arrival at 1 pm the area was fogged in; just before 2 pm the fog started clearing out and the sun began to shine. Two Hawks (probably Rough-legged) were seen but disappeared into the fog before giving an opportunity to ID them. Then it finished clearing and in the next 45 minutes 5 light phase and 1 dark phase Rough-legged Hawks moved up and went across the Straits. Then no raptors were seen till we quite at 3:30 pm.

Still really great seeing the Rough-legged moving, beautiful birds.

Early migration of Raptors

With the spring like temperatures Steve Baker and I thought it would be a good time to check for Raptors migrating across the Mackinac Straits. We did observations from the south side of the Recreation Center.

On Sat. Feb. 18 we observed from 1115 hrs to 1300 hrs; it was sunny with temp. about 39 degrees, west to southwest winds 15 to 20 mph. No Raptors were observed.

On Sunday Feb. 19 observations occurred from 1130 hrs to 1430 hrs with sunny skies, winds 5 to 10 mph from the west-northwest and 42 degrees. We observed 3 Red-tailed Hawks, 3 adult Bald Eagles and 1 adult Golden Eagle migrate north across the Straits. Several other Bald Eagles and 2 Red-tails were seen but did not cross the Straits. Slow but a nice start to the season.
With continued mild weather and moderate west to northwest winds there should be more Raptors moving north.
Kevin will be jealous.
Ed Pike