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June 5 Last day

buy nolvadex 20mg 64571 hawks were counted this year most so far. Best year for Rough-legged Hawks with 328, Kestrels about double with 81 Red-tailed Hawks with 22363 andNorthern Harriers with 134! Also four Swainson’s Hawks were seen.
Thanks To Ed Pike and Steve Baker for all your help made it alot easlier. A special thanks to Jo Cooley for the awesome apartment! Great season thanks to everybody who help out!

May 16

Yesterday had two Swainsons’ Hawks come by with the Broad-winged Hawks. And one Gyrfalcon flew south on May 13th. The total for the year so far is 57,697 raptors.

may 8

Today with the approaching front bought 7 Golden Eagles 4 in the air at one time with 4 Rough-legged Hawks. 678 Broad-winged hawks were seen today bringing the total so far at 25831,the count for Golden Eagles are 168 with 325 Rough-legged Hawks. AlsoEd Pike spotted a dark-morph Broad-winded Hawk a few days ago being the second of the season. Seven White Pelican were seen!

May 2

The last several day have been slow due to the weather. The last big day was on 4-27 during that day had a dark morph Broad-winged Hawk. So far this year the total number of raptors is 49066.

April 24, 13444

13444 Broad-winged Hawks came past the watch today, highest total for a single day this early! 7 Golden Eagles all young birds and 10 Rough-legged Hawks bringing the total so far this season to 307.

April 23

21146 red-tailed hawks seen so far with a record high of 7218 on 4-19. Also 134 Golden Eagles seen this year with most being immature this last few days. 297 Rough-legged Hawks were seen this year a high  for this site.

April 17

Today at Darrow’s there were 2651 Red-tails today with one immature Golden Eagle that flew right over head giving great looks also had 28 Rough-legged hawks . Day started out foggy but cleared in the afternoon opening the flood gates truely awesome.

April 10

1672 Red-tailed Hawks and 8 Golden eagles and also 32 Rough-legged Hawks were seen.The first Broad-winged and Peregrine came thru. 7136 Hawks were seen so far this season.

19 Golden Eagles

19 Golden Eagles were seen today along with first of the season Kestrel,Goshawk and Cooper’s Hawk 23 Bald Eagles were also counted along with 2 light-morph Rough-legged Hawks also had a Northern Loggerhead Shrike