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April 10

1672 Red-tailed Hawks and 8 Golden eagles and also 32 Rough-legged Hawks were seen.The first Broad-winged and Peregrine came thru. 7136 Hawks were seen so far this season.

19 Golden Eagles

19 Golden Eagles were seen today along with first of the season Kestrel,Goshawk and Cooper’s Hawk 23 Bald Eagles were also counted along with 2 light-morph Rough-legged Hawks also had a Northern Loggerhead Shrike

last day of the season

The season is over, but what a season ! 227 Golden Eagles, 44036 Broad-winged Hawks, 13091 Red-tailed Hawks 242 Rough-legged Hawks 1 Black Vulture, 1 Gyrfalcon, 1 Swainson’s Hawk and 1 Mississippi Kite! THANKS TO everybody who help out this year especially to Ed Pike and Steve Baker and to the rest of the gang Bruce and Dave, Jack and Bev  and a special thanks to Cathy Freebarin for letting me stay at her summer house! Hope to see you guys next year!

over 60

With todays count it brought the count so far to over 60000 raptors one young golden eagle today brings the total at 226. With east winds tomorrow could be another good day.

Swainson’s Hawk

Today we had our first Swainson’s Hawk Steve Baker found it among hundreds of Broad-winged Hawks! Had 19 Golden Eagles all young birds! 16 Rough-legged Hawks ! And over 17000 Broad-winged Hawks! Thanks to everybody who help today ! We had over 24 visitors today which is awesome! Tomorrow looks like another good day


Yesterday around 5:30  I heard a lot of noise from the baseball field as the robins and  other birds feeding  in the  field took off at first thought  the local merlin but seeing this falcon it was not the merlin it was large red-tailed size flying fast low over the field, heavy streaks on its side and medium gray,  with no peregrine helmut just smallish streaks on its face and then it was gone flying west thru the trees.


weird wind day

First winds came out the South west  with a good lift-off of Board-wings then for several hours just a few birds . The wind became calm and started to get warm so I took off my winter coat put in the car and turned around to get hit with a cold wind out of the East! So put on the winter coat and watch the wind turbines turn all the way to the Southeast! By then everybody had left,being a couple hours till the watch was over then came the Broad-wings and Golden Eagles with several  hundred Broad-wings and 5 more Golden Eagles. Never can tell!


Over 10000+ Red-tailed hawk in the last few days . Number are deceasing with today’ s  total being 222, but Broad-winged Hawks are on the rise with 444 seen today. Had several dark-morph Red-tails. Also 85 Rough-legged were seen. One Great Egret came  by yesterday! Had a few more Golden Eagles bringing the total to 168 so far.