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lots of tails to tail

2761 Red-tailed hawks which pretty much sums up the day! Had  2 more Golden  Eagles  with 15 Bald Eagles, with 7 of being immatures .With 320 Sharp-shinned hawks and 41 Broad-winged Hawks ,first of the year! Also 392 Sandhill Cranes and a lot of  Tree Swallows and 1 Barn Swallow. And 1 more Black Vulture!

holey moley

After several days of bad weather it finally open up in a big way here with 39 Bald Eagles with 30 young eagles 5 Golden Eagles 1 Peregrine  and 12 Rough-legged hawks. 4966 Red-tailed Hawks flew by today with 2 albino type and 4 dark morphs!!!!!!

2 short

Winds started out of the  SE switching to the NE back to the E. Blue skies with high cirrus. 36 Bald Eagles and 10 Golden Eagles with 2 being immatures  one adult Peregrine with 2 dark morph Rough-legged hawks.Nice flight of Turkey Vultures  with 282 thought I recognize one TV from Corpus! 998 Red-tailed hawks came by with a stunning albino-leucistic one that flew right overhead!

Merlin on a pole

Started at rec center until wind switch from the south to due east while at the rec center a Merlin came in after the flock of robins in the baseball field having no success came to rest on the telephone pole along the road giving great views .Arriving at Darrows  because of the wind change had 1 Golden Eagle and 3 Bald Eagles plus a nice push of 90 Redtails ahead of the rain closed the watch at 1330 hawk time.

Red-tailed Hawks on the move

There was a good movement of Red-tailed Hawks along the north shore of Lake Michigan on October 20. While birding at Pt. Labarbe in the late morning a loose kettle of a dozen Red-tails was seen. Traveling west on US-2 , many more Red-tails were noted , generally drifting east. Best observation sites were the bluffs at the two picnic areas on US-2. At least 90 Red-tails were observed in about 45 minutes. Other migrating raptors seen were several Bald Eagles and a few Sharp-shinned Hawks.
submitted by Steve Baker

Big crowd at Darrow's field on a week day.

H Big crowd at Darrow’s field on a week day.

Support from Mackinaw City

Support from Mackinaw City

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle


East winds are seldom productive and today was no exception. Every once in awhile a wind shift would briefly stir the pot and some kettles would stream north. For a week day there was a great turnout of hawk people and we all enjoyed the banter between veterans and newbies.
Jim Veller captured a beautiful immature a Golden Eagle shot and Jack Kirby shared the people shots.

Day of Diversity 4/14/15

image image  imageToday was a very rare day at the hawk watch. Every regularly occurring species of raptor ( 15 species) on the checklist was seen on this day. All 3 falcon species, all 3 Accipitors , the 4 Buteos, both Eagles, Osprey, Turkey Vulture, and Northern Harrier . The season’s first Broad-winged Hawk made it back from South America and soon there were hundreds moving north. Red-tails were steady all day with many kettles overhead. A very cooperative Perigrine flew directly over the counters not just once, but returned for an encore .
Visitors from the Thunder Bay Audubon enjoyed the day at the count, but had to leave without seeing a Golden Eagle when a handsome immature GE soared by just in time. I think they toasted that one at the Keyhole Bar down the street.  Other highlights were the first of season Osprey and a couple of dark morph Red-tails and an intermediate morph bird that was a beautiful rufous color.

Red-tails rule today!

image image imageToday, 4/3/15, was another cold and windy one. These same NW winds brought the record Golden Eagle days, and today the Red-tails showed up big time. Kevin had the clickers going for the first time this season and by the day’s end , 1899 Red-tails had been ticked. Three western dark morph birds were a highlight. Several very interested visitors enjoyed the spectacle of kettles of hawks overhead.