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Owl Banding, April 30/May 1

buying viagra over the counter in canada We did not band any owls last night. We heard a pair of Great Horned Owls calling back and forth. These were the first Great Horned Owls we have heard since March.

buy neurontin gabapentin An American Bittern was calling as we were closing up nets this morning.

Tonight is owl bander, Kim Edgington’s birthday. It should be a cloudy night with a northeast wind. Hopefully some owls will come through to wish Kim a happy birthday!

Owl Banding, April 28/29

We banded one second year, female saw-whet last night.  Her wing chord measurement and weight just barely got her out of the “unknown” sex range.

We had another flying squirrel in our nets.  Luckily, it was not really tangled as much as it was just climbing around.  It quickly jumped to the ground after we approached.

At sunrise, we heard a Yellow-rumped Warbler singing.

The forecast for tonight shows clear skies with light and variable winds.


Owl Banding, April 27/28

One Northern Saw-whet Owl and one Long-eared Owl were banded last night.  The saw-whet was a third year female.  She had fresh blood on her feet from a recent meal when we caught her.  After hearing scurrying under a nearby bush, we found several mice in the area.

We were unable to determine the sex of the Long-eared Owl, but it was an after second year bird.  Another LEOW was seen taking off toward the north at dusk.

We heard the howl of a coyote in the middle of the night, and observed a Great Blue Heron fly by during an especially beautiful  sunrise.

Colorful sunrise this morning.

Tonight should be cloudy with a northeast wind.


Owl Banding, April 26/27

We were unable to open nets Sunday and Monday night due to rain and strong winds.  We were able to operate last night, but we did not catch any owls.  There was a constant wind of about 10 mph coming off of the lake.  It was clear and temperatures were in the 30’s.

There has been a lot of porcupine activity lately.  We spotted one right outside of our cabin or on the way to the nets almost every hour.  It is fun to see them, but we definitely don’t want to find one in our nets!

Tonight’s forecast looks similar to last night, but hopefully we will have better luck.


Owl Banding, April 23/24

We banded one third year, female saw-whet last night. She flew in to out nets around 3 am and then again just before sunrise. A woodcock was caught close to sunrise as well.

Other wildlife sightings included a porcupine chewing on our outhouse in the middle of the night, and White-throated Sparrow singing in the morning.

Rain is in the forecast for the next couple of nights.

Owl Banding, April 21/22

We were not surprised to have a zero bird night last night. There was a dense, moist fog hanging around the area all night.

Our hopes for tonight are a bit higher. It should be clear with a north wind of 5 to 10 mph. Saturday night looks even better.

Happy Earth Day!

Owl Banding, April 20/21

The banding station was in operation until about 2:45 this morning when it started to rain.  We banded one second year, female saw-whet.  We had another woodcock fly in to the nets as well.

There may be a few showers tonight, but hopefully we can get some banding in.  Tomorrow night should be clear, allowing us to view the full moon!

Owl Banding, April 19/20

Three Northern Saw-whet Owls were banded last night.  All three were female, and one had a very large brood patch and an egg inside of her!  Two were second year birds and one was a third year bird.

We opened our nets at sunset to the sound of a Common Loon calling, and closed our nets at sunrise while listening to a Brown Thrasher.

There may be some rain late tonight.  The majority of the night will be cloudy with light winds out of the southeast.  Maybe some owls will be migrating ahead of the rain!


Owl Banding, April 18/19

There was a very light drizzle early in the evening, but the weather quickly cleared up for the remainder of the night.  Although we did not catch any owls, there was quite a bit of excitement.

We enjoyed listening to a couple of Wilson’s Snipes making their “winnowing” sounds while flying over our heads.  At dawn, we had two Sharp-shinned Hawks in our nets.  We also had a Hermit Thrush.

We are hoping that tonight will bring us some owls!  It should be partly cloudy with light and variable winds.


20160419_163742 (1)

Sharp-shinned Hawk.


Owl Banding, April 17/18

We caught an American Woodcock early in the night, but were not having much luck with owls. We almost went the entire night without catching any owls, so we were very excited to find a Long-eared Owl in our nets at sunrise!  The bird was a second year female and our third LEOW banded this season.

There was a lot of frog activity last night.  We heard both Spring Peepers and Wood Frogs calling.  We also came across several Northern Leopard Frogs while we were walking to check nets.

It should be cloudy tonight with winds from the northeast at 10 to 15 mph.  The next saw-whet we band will be the 40th one we have banded this spring.  Hopefully we will do it tonight!


American Woodcock