Final owl banding post

It’s official, the fall owl banding season is over. We took down the nets today and closed up the camper which Ed then hauled away

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My new pet Porky

I have come across a porcupine so many times while checking the nets at the TC site that I have taken to calling it Porky.

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I’ve often been asked what I do to occupy my time during the count when it’s slow. One of the things that I enjoy doing

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We were spoiled during the first month of saw whet banding. From 9/21 through 10/21 we captured 373 Northern Saw Whet Owls. In the two

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Record Day for Common Loons

On October 31st Common Loons came in droves to spend part of their Halloween at the straits. Heavy winds came from the northwest bringing intermittent

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Before this banding season began my expectation was that we would catch 400 saw whets. Maybe even get to 500 if we were lucky. Last

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October 29th

A cloudy overcast day with steady winds from the northeast brought in some great birds on the 29th. Waterbird wise it was quite average with

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Not what I’d hoped for

After weeks of unseasonable weather with rain threats and warm temps all night long the pattern broke late last week as north winds and cool

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