Big fish

Speaking of bigger fish, the great white shark of owls showed up last night. A Barred Owl was found in the nets near a saw

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Passed 100

Last night, our ninth of banding, we passed 100 Northern Saw-whet Owls captured, banded and released. Ended the night with 110 total. Of those 110

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Uninvited guest

Last night we captured and banded 33 Northern Saw-whet Owls. Two of them had already been banded. Since the Bird Banding Lab is currently off

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Thorny guest

Our banding session was cut short for the second night in a row by rain last night. Managed to capture four new saw whets in

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Migration is Now!

September 22nd was the largest movement of birds thus far into the count. Nine species of waterfowl were seen moving through the straits with the

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Foreign recovery

MSRW captured their first foreign Northern Saw-whet Owl last night! Now that the border with Canada is open I hope it didn’t have too much

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Fall owl banding has begun.

After getting rained out Monday night, the scheduled starting date for fall owl banding, we were able to officially open last night. On our first

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One Month Into the Count

It’s surprising to me that today marks one month since the start of the Fall Waterfowl Count. Time has gone by so fast and I’ve

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First Big Day of Migration

August 24, 2021 Today was the first day of actually getting some sizeable flocks coming through. The migrants for the day were 218 red-necked grebes

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