Fallout of Owls

Even though the week is only half over, we have already had two instances of weather-related fallouts of owls at MSRW’s owl-banding station at Historic

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Island Count- A Shrike!

While obviously the priority for all hawk watches is to identify and count all the raptors that fly by, there are so many other awesome

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Straits are ice-free

Now that the Mackinac straits are all clear, I will be counting at alternating sites. On odd dates (5th, 7th, etc.) I’ll be at McGulpin

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Island Count- Noisy Crows

The first thing you probably hear when you get up to Fort Holmes are the American Crows and Common Ravens. They like to chase each

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Introduction and first update

Hi everyone! My name is Adam Cupito and I’m the Waterbird Counter for MSRW this Spring. Although I’ve worked several avian field technician jobs throughout

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First Week- Fort Holmes

After a promising first look before the official season start, the last few days have been underwhelming. A combination of 100% cloud cover and West

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Golden Eagles -wow

MSRW was advised by Golden Eagle researcher Tricia Miller, that Athena, a radio tagged Golden Eagle, was headed north through Michigan and was almost to

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