Slow days on the straits

I can’t seem to catch a break with the weather lately. Persistent rain, fog, and northern winds have reduced migration to a slow trickle. Over

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Night Sights and Sounds

At MSRW’s owl-banding station at Mill Creek Historical Park, we are up all night checking the mist nets and banding owls. An added perk is

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Influx of Long-tailed Ducks

Conditions at McGulpin today were ideal for counting, with excellent visibility and near-perfectly still waters. This revealed season-high numbers of resting Long-tailed Ducks strung out

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A lull in migration

Strong winds from the north and unfavorable weather seem to have halted migration during the past several days. I’m seeing loons move in decent numbers

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Island Count- Broad-Wings

They have finally started arriving! One of the great parts of migration is seeing large kettles of Broad-winged Hawks. Their migration time is shorter and

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100 Captures!

This past week the raptor banding station has been quite slow, due in part to the fact that we have been closed for 3 days,

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Updates on Recaptures!

Over the last four weeks, we have had 9 previously banded NSWOs pass through our banding station here at Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park. Coincidentally,

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Steady stream of loons

Today’s count at McGulpin yielded the first big push of migrating Common Loons this season, with a total of 74! A few birds were also

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