Owl Mania X2

Hello again loyal followers! Once again we were open all night on the 29th. The weather was superb with clear skies, a half moon and cool temperatures it was ideal  for owl movement. We also had some visitors for the first time this season as the Straits Area Audubon Society decided to take a field trip to come and visit the station and witness the excitement first hand.

With all of these people coming to visit Frances and I hoped that there would be plenty of owls to show everyone. Lucky enough this night yielded 22 total owls which has been the best night so far this season bringing our season total to 74. By 11:00 p.m. we had already caught 10 owls and everyone was thrilled to get to see these magnificent birds in hand. Add to that a beautiful sunset, and a night sky full of constellations making the night at the Point all the better. We cant wait to see the Straits Area Audubon Society again!


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