Skunks everywhere… but then?!

After a few nights of nothing but skunks, wind, and rain in the net, the weather turned favorable and finally elicited saw-whet owl movement. I caught 7 birds on the night of the 26th, with a solid mix of hatch year, second year, and after second year birds.

Apparently this off-and-on stormy weather isn’t usual for the upper peninsula at this time of year, which makes me wonder if one of three things will take place: 1. we’ll get an intense push of birds around the first week of october; 2. a higher than normal number of birds will continue to trickle in after peak season (into mid or possibly late November) before migration peeters out; or 3. the birds will decide to take a different migratory route this year. Time will tell, but I’m very curious to find out!

A hatchyear female ready to depart into the night

Until next time, take care


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