Migration is Now!

September 22nd was the largest movement of birds thus far into the count. Nine species of waterfowl were seen moving through the straits with the highlights being the first large flocks of Redheads arriving and 77 Common Loons! Hundreds of Canada Geese and nearly 600 Sandhill Cranes were also starting to make their journies south. It was also a good day for raptors, 90 Turkey Vultures and six other species of raptors were recorded. Possibly the highlight of the day was a flock of 13 American Pipits that foraged on the shore in front of me for a few minutes. This was actually the first time that I’ve seen this species. They occur regularly back in Pennsylvania during the fall but they have always evaded me… until September 22nd! I am so glad I got great views and photos of them too.

eBird Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S95038606

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